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Isasnora Snores, my first children's book, is a topic of conversation I like to share with people. What inspired the book? Why did I write it? What was the journey of turning a short story for my daughter, Monica, into a book for everyone?   What is Isasnora's next journey? (You'll have to wait for Isasnora and the Royal Orb of Peace).

    As I child I wrote lots of stories and plays for my school. When I babysat, I would tell tales to entertain the children. My nieces and nephews tell me they always looked forward to my stories. Today, not only do I write books, but I also write  movies, plays and television shows. I also produced a movie, called Turnover!  A born "ham," I think the desire to write comes from my desire to  entertain. I also hope to inspire, especially when people are dealing with  failure, rejection, and self-esteem issues. Like Isasnora, however, I like to show how we can use our disadvantages to our advantage. 
     On a personal level, I was born with a cleft palate and lots of ear problems. Surgeries, speech classes, and teasing were all part of my early life. It took me a long time to gain confidence in myself and confidence in my writing. I hope you, the reader, do not have to wait so long! Remember, you have value no matter what anyone else says!

     I am grateful to my husband for all his support, for my four daughters who have been my cheerleaders, and for my extended family, friends and fans who have stuck with me during the rejections and celebrations. Cheers!



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