ISASNORA SNORES, follows the life of a baby banished from the Kindom Calelind because of her glass shattering, tickling snoring. People ask where I got the idea. In my bedroom, where else? Snoring is my favorite pastime because I like to make sure people are thinking about me, even while they're trying to sleep. 

     What is Isasnora's next journey? (You'll have to wait for Isasnora and the Royal Orb of Peace).         As I child I wrote lots of stories and plays for my school. When I babysat, I would tell tales to entertain the children. My nieces and nephews tell me they always looked forward to my stories. Recently I bumped into Heather, a mother with children. I used to babysit her and her brother. She loved the story of the Zookiemook I told them and wondered when I would publish it for her kids. I'll have to pull that out of my dusty brain and see if I can bring it back to life. 

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Behind her cousins, she marched and failed to notice the blazing yellow eyes, the size of saucers, glaring out from the darkness.

Exiled because of her dangerously loud snoring, Isasnora realizes that living in the forest has its advantages, such as talking animals and flying dragons. When an evil ruler declares war on her former kingdom, Isasnora wants to go into battle for her country.

Isasnora Snores is a tale of friendship, acceptance, and unusual solutions for life’s complicated problems.


The Early Summer - My latest YA book, is set to be released
November, 2022
by Orange Blossom Publishing!

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