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Motivational speaker and author, Carol L. Paur, is available to speak at your school or special event. 

Ideas for talks and workshops

A Crooked Path

So you want to be a writer? Writing doesn't make money, people might tell you. Writing involves a lot of rejection, others will tell you. They're sort-of right.

But what do YOU want to do? This workshop will explore different avenues you can take to pursue your dream and make it possible. The key to this is to learn there is no ONE straight path to writing success. 

Your Five Senses and Writing

Go from telling to showing by learning to use your five senses. This workshop helps writers to be more intentional about working the five senses into articles, books, movies, and plays. 

Recycle the Bad into Good

Take those negative in your life and turn them into a story. Paur helps you brainstorm from all the incidents in your life that make you cry to create something amazing. 

You Decide

If you're a teacher or school administrator, what do you think your students need? Do they need inspiration with rewrites? Do they struggle with trying to write just one sentence? Do they want to meet a real-life author? Do they need to learn the value of writing in every day life? 


If you're an event planner of an organization, are you looking for some humor and inspiration? Paur has done stand-up comedy as well as giving presentations on a wide array of topics.  


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