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Praying for the Enemy: Your 911 to Peace

Help! My enemies are closing in on me! They ruin my day with obnoxious behavior, treacherous driving, and malicious gossip! If I could just erase these people out of my existence, life would be marvelous! Praying for the Enemy: Your 911 to Peace offers a better solution to deal with your adversaries than a vanishing act. Inside the pages of this devotional, C. L. Paur provides insight on the enemies in our lives as well as highlights the moments when we become enemies to others. Each chapter begins with a scripture verse, which leads to a short story, and closes with a meaningful prayer. You can read the book from start to finish, or find a chapter about the enemy you are struggling with. Either way, if you conscientiously apply the principles outlined in this book, peace will gradually erase the angst piling up inside you. Drawing from her own experiences of being bullied, maligned, and betrayed, C. L. Paur hopes her past pain can help relieve your present suffering, while being a small voice for peace in this conflict-driven world. Share this book with all your friends, family, and even your enemies.


Waves is C. L. Paur's second novel and sequel to Stories.

She's dead, can't she rest in peace? Nope! Before she ventures into heaven, Catharine Zimmer meets her guardian angel who sets Catharine on a journey between earth and eternity. Here Catharine learns she lived a life full of comfort with little regard for humanity. She travels through an unknown realm to either relive parts of her life or experiences the effects of her apathy.. Lessons must be learned, or she'll go back again and again. Waves explores the themes of consequences and life after death.

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This is C. L. Paur's debut novel. 

Catharine Zimmer lived a good life - or did she? One deception in life haunts her beyond the grave. She learns about it through the unlikely stories of Aleric - a dictator who killed his lover; Ursula - a nurse killed by her husband; and Adrian - a movie mogul killed by his alcoholism. Was Catharine’s duplicity responsible for all these deaths? Will Catharine escape Hell’s eternal fires?

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