Exiled by King Frederick!

Updated: May 29, 2020

The king whisked the little prince out of the cottage and turned toward Sir Callum and Mirella. "You must be gone before nightfall!" King Frederick from Isasnora Snores.

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Steve Hay

Steve Hay does not live in the Kingdom Calelind, but he portrays King Frederick the Fifteenth in this week’s YouTube episode. He’s an actor but has played many other roles in his life. In the second grade he began his theater debut, took a break, then resumed acting in high school and college.

He graduated with an English major and Physics minor and returned to his alma mater, Badger High School, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, to teach speech.

“Giving a speech is like a dramatic presentation,” said Hay. “Just the speaking skills alone are the same things you do on stage.”

He was teaching when he was drafted into the Vietnam War, where he spent the next four and a half years. When he returned, he wanted to get a degree in theater, but instead worked for his father’s manufacturing company. Eventually he and his brother took it over.

During all this, he continued acting in various community theaters. He has acted with the Geneva Theater Actors Guild, from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and he and his wife have been performing at Ivan's Back Stage in East Troy, Wisconsin. With Covid-19, however, he’s been staying home and portraying Sir Tearwith, from last week's video, and King Frederick!

One of his “big” acting gigs involved being an extra in the movie Fred Claus.

“If you stop the movie about halfway through the film, you’ll see me,” Hay quipped.

Getting into professional acting can be difficult, admitted Hay. He tried going to Chicago to audition for different shows but was unsuccessful.

“But, if you got passion, go for it. Follow your dream if your desire is strong.”

Hay said community theater is a great option if you don’t care about not getting paid. Hay has performed in over 100 shows.

“It’s all consuming. It forces you to be in the present moment. It’s an exhilarating feeling.”

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