King Lovel

Updated: Apr 1

I see that murderous look in your eyes , little girl, and mind you, I'm one tough slug. King Lovel, from Isasnora Snores.

A slug as a king? Yes. Meet King Lovel.

I'll be posting excerpts and interviews of the cast members from my most recent book, Isasnora Snores.

An Interview with King Lovel

I traveled several centuries to the land where Isasnora and her friends live. After digging for a few moments, I found King Lovel. He consented to an interview. Sitting down with a cup of tea (but not Zeynip's tea) we chatted for a few moments about the book and King Lovel's job as the king of the Forest Petiole.

Question: How did you become the king of the Forest Petiole?

Answer: Are you insinuating that I'm too small and soft to rule a forest with a dragon and giant stomping about?

Next Question: What was your first impression of Isasnora?

Answer: My first impression was that she snored pretty loudly. Her sleeping shook up the entire forest. I had met with my advisers to discuss our plans of dealing with the problem, but after I met the young lass, we soon became fast friends. The animals figured out ways of keeping themselves from falling out of trees.

Question: How have you dealt with all the media attention since the book came out?

Answer: You're my first interview. It's still winter here, would you mind if I dig myself back into the earth?

Ah, well, my editor wanted more for the story, but I guess...Where are you going? King Lovel, we're not done yet.

Well, I guess he is...

That's all for this installment! Thanks for joining me.


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