Isasnora Misplaces Herself and Meets Humple Dumple

Lost? Why do humans misplace themselves? Humple Dumple from Isasnora Snores.
Isasnora's imagination carried her away.

Here is this week's YouTube episode. Special thanks goes to Monica and Elizabeth Paur. Humple Dumple was played by me! Thank goodness there are all sorts of voice apps out there!

In this episode, Isasnora finds herself stranded outside the Black Cave where there are rumors of a fire breathing dragon living there. If you recall from last week, it's the same place she took her bratty cousins. They thought the cave was empty. Isasnora will discover it's not.

How did she end up there? It's late at night. Where are her parents? They had traveled to the kingdom to go to market and left instructions for her to stay home. She doesn't. Isasnora strays from her home. Nighttime falls, and she is lost.

We all get lost sometimes. How many times have we had to turn around or make a U-turn to get back on the right road?

Traveling aside, we also can lose our way in life. Traveling down a road we might assume everything is okay, then realize we're trapped in a dead-end or dangerous life situation. As with all journeys, a good map (if we're paying attention) can get us where we need to go, a bad map will get us into trouble!

If you have a map that says you have to become a certain person to find happiness - please shred it.

Let's take out our backpacks and review our maps (or check our internal GPS systems). If you have a map that tells you not to try new things because people will laugh at you - throw it out. If you have a map that tells you that others are better than you or have more "stuff" than you - reprogram it. If you have a map that tells you it's okay to make fun of others or treat them poorly - put it in the campfire! If you have a map that tells you not to listen to wisdom - recycle it. If your map is filled with anger and resentment - flush it down the toilet (I don't care if you clog it). If you have a map that says you have to become a certain person to find happiness - please shred it. If you have a map that tells you to give into your fears and anxiety - destroy it right now.

Consult not your fears, but your hopes and dreams. Pope John XXIII

Before we can decide on the proper map, we need to ask ourselves where we're headed. The simplest answer, one I hear over an over is - your journey is about becoming the best you - no one else. It can't be found in envy, anger, or fear. You'll never find it if you continue to criticize yourself or others, and it's unattainable if you're looking for material success.

A wise man, who happened to be a pope, said, "Consult not your fears, but your hopes and dreams" Pope John XXIII.

What are your hopes?

What are your dreams?

Answer those two questions, and you have the beginning of a great road map to discovering your best self.

I always wanted to be a writer. But I studied some faulty maps along the way. One of them was the envy amp. I envied some people because they seemed to have more friends, they seemed to be more attractive, they seemed to be more successful.

Where did that get me?

Certainly not on my path to becoming the best version of me!

I also gave in to fear and anxiety. People would tell me that writing would not make any money. That thought, along with a fear of failure, terrified me, so I decided not to write for a long time.

Where did that get me?

Frustrated in jobs that were not satisfying.

Having hopes and dreams does not mean you throw out all practicality and make no plans. Once I decided to become serious about writing, I took concrete steps. First, I needed more training, so went back to college for my MA in Communication. I still take classes in all types of writing to keep myself fresh. It's amazing how many skills you pick up (and the friends you meet).

Then I had to commit to writing regularly - not only when I felt like it. Fortunately, my husband has supported my writing, so I currently do not have to work outside of my home. There are many writers, however, who have full-time jobs, but they still make time for their writing.

Being a writer is only one aspect of who I am - I have many other hopes and dreams for myself and for my family. If I want to see them fulfilled, I need to make plans and take actual steps toward achieving them. Living in daydream land will not move anyone along in his or her journey (though daydreams do have their purpose). And, of course, using faulty maps get us lost.

Your map is in your hands. Is it one of dreams and hopes? Will it guide and encourage you? Or, do you still have one of those faulty maps that leads you down to dejection and disappointment? It is up to you to decide.

If you wish to share your thoughts and ideas about your life, please email me at

Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend!


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