Isasnora Snores' Big Surprise

Updated: May 22, 2020

Isasnora Snores comes to YouTube!

This past week was filled with learning how to use PowerDirector, as I took the voices from actors to create a snippet from Isasnora Snores. I learned how to edit in actors' voices while combining music and sound effects. On Monday when I sat down to learn, it felt as if I was standing next to Mongous, the giant, and I would never reach his heights. Tiny steps and coaching from Bridget helped me to scale Mongous (though with his bad breath, I quickly climbed down). It was an exciting adventure, though I realized I have much to learn. I also realized that movies require much more than just well written scripts!

Speaking of scripts, using details from the book, I wrote a short scene from Isasnora's Christening day. I discovered after listening to the actors, it required revisions! The actors read their lines, but there was no way to identify who they were. Furthermore, there were no transitions between the actors. The scene jumped from one person to the next. Fortunately, my narrator, Elizabeth Paur, was willing to read in the extra parts, which added more clarity. For the next script I'll first have the actors do their readings, then write the narrator parts.

Sound effects were challenging. I could find no decent baby crying or snoring (please don't send me links), so I played those parts. They're okay, but I wanted louder and bigger, but who wants to snore and cry loudly? Do you think I could add those on an acting resume? Not!

I was amazed at how much adding music to the scene improved it immensely. Volume control was difficult as I tried to balance the music with the voices - along with balancing the crying, snoring, and laughing guests!

Thank you, Bridget Paur, for teaching me PowerDirector (or is it Paur-Director?). She was surprised at how quickly her "mature" mother learned it.

A big thank you to the actors! Ann Wehnert played Lady Rosalind; Kayleigh Kitzman played Lady Mirella; James Salimas portrayed Sir Callum; Bridget Paur was Lemonella. Elizabeth Paur was the narrator.

Now that Isasnora Snores is on YouTube, the blog will transition into the scenes from the book. I will continue interviewing characters but not on the weeks we have scenes from the book. Those might go live, too, if the characters are willing to be recorded.

Thank you for your continued support!


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