Meet Horus, a Wise and Intelligent Heron

Sorry about the landing. A crazy, blue dragon was chasing us. Horus from Isasnora Snores.

Happy May 1st!

Last week I stumbled upon Lemonella, who was trying to steal Wilber, my time machine. The meeting was like eating twenty lemons and washing them down with vinegar. With Prince Hubert running off and chasing butterflies, however, she was my only option.

This week I met up with Horus, the intelligent heron who meets Isasnora about halfway into Isasnora Snores. He was busy working on some astronomy project for our local Yerkes Future Foundation, but he agreed to a brief interview.

Me: How can you be working on something that is several hundred years into the future, such as this Yerkes Future Foundation?

Horus: You're not the only one with a time machine.

Me: You have a time machine?

Horus: It's best to keep these things secret or we'll have trouble, spelled, L E M O N E L L A, on our hands.

Me: What is Isasnora like?

Horus: Lovely, smart. Did you know she was able to grasp Algebra at the age of ten? Brilliant.

Me: You flew King Lovel's aunt and uncle all over the world. What was your favorite destination?

Horus: When I was a transport bird, my favorite destination was my home, Egypt. True, I had to be careful with the nipping crocodiles in the Nile, but it was where I was born and raised.

Me: Even with its extreme temperatures?

Horus: Extreme? Wisconsin is 30 below zero one day and 90 above zero the next. And the humidity. You would think it was a rainforest!

Me: You've been to Wisconsin? It didn't even exist way back in Medieval days!

Horus: Of course it existed, just not as Wisconsin.

Me: You've been to the Americas?

Horus: Most people attribute the finding of America to Christopher Columbus, but there were a lot of herons who flew over long before he did!

Me: Are you able to tell me about the next book coming out - Isasnora and the Royal Orb of Peace?

Horus: Not much, but if you think crocodiles are hungry, the readers will be amazed (and probably frightened) when they learn of the Trufflemor Bogs. We were all fortunate to survive that entire journey! Are we nearly finished? I have to get back to my work.

Me: Certainly! Do you have anything else you wish to add?

Horus: First, I want all your readers to know they're important no matter what they do and no matter how different they might be from other people or herons! Second, tonight, if you're in the Walworth County area, blow out all your candles at 8:30 p.m. Central Time, in honor of the Yerkes Future Foundation.

Me: Candles?

Horus: Isn't that how you light your homes?

Me: For traveling in the future, Horus, there is still much for you to learn!

Art Notes from Carol L. Paur

The drawing of Horus is my first for this blog! Thank you Chad Walker, instructor, and Gale Courses for hosting Drawing for the Absolute Beginner. I have lots more to learn, but you've already given me some great information!

For my readers: One thing I did was find a model from the Internet and looked at it to make my sketch. When I was satisfied, I photo-copied it, then added color to the copy. I still have the original without color.

Mr. Walker said practice is key, and he's right. I've never been able to draw a reasonable circle, and with some practice, I was able to draw a fairly decent circle for Horus' eye.

Something Wonderful is Coming Soon!

Next week we'll have something exciting for you! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

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