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Pushing Against Negativity

If you listen, watch, or read advertisements long enough, you will soon realize your life is a mess and you need whatever they are selling you.

Have you ever swum in a Lazy River? They’re usually at water parks, and if you’re not in the mood to move, you float and drift with the water. More ambitious people use the Lazy River to walk against the flow. I tried that and moved about two inches per hour. I felt like a sloth trying to run a marathon.

That’s how many people feel when they’re trying to push against the negativity surrounding them. This month’s YouTube is about learning to accept ourselves. As I wrote the script for the show, negative messages pushed against me, like the Lazy River trying to prevent me from moving. How do we accept ourselves when there are so many people and things giving us negative messages? Goat yoga on an isolated island.


Haven’t you tried goat-yoga?

Me either.

If that doesn’t work, practice positive self-talk (see References 1 & 2).

That’s it.

Oh, and turn off the radio, television, phone, and other media sources filled with commercials.

Did you know that most advertising is about blaring out all your deficiencies – what you are lacking? Your teeth are not bright and straight enough – see Doctor Tooth or buy a special toothpaste. Your skin is not smooth and perfect – see Doctor Dermo or buy the latest skin cream. Your house is puking out all sorts of contaminates – install a new filter machine. Your car or bike is ho-hum – go to Wax Sales to get the latest luxury vehicle. If you listen, watch, or read advertisements long enough, you will soon realize your life is a mess and you need whatever they are selling you.

As if the advertisements are not bad enough, what about the people in our lives? Classmates? Co-workers? Family members? Acquaintances? Friends?

I knew someone once who generated more criticism about everything and everyone than a gum factory produces gum. She rarely complimented anyone and she typically found fault with anything I did. The advice usually given is to avoid these people. What if we can’t? What if the negative person is a family member, teacher or classmate?

Exercise positive self-talk every day.

You want me to do another thing? I'm too busy!

Do you have routines you do every day? Bathe? Brush your teeth? Comb your hair? Get dressed? Exercise?

Do it while you brush your teeth.

Do it on your way to school.

Do it on your way home.

Do it while out at a park or shopping.

Do it while you're exercising.

Do it before going to bed.

Just do it.

Some ideas for positive self-talk come from your interior and exterior self. For me it might be - I have a good sense of humor (interior). I have nice hair (exterior). I’m a good listener (interior). I am a good cook (exterior). Try to find a balance between exterior and interior because we all change. For example, I used to have a great serve when playing tennis. Now my shoulder hurts and I can barely lift the ball, let alone a racket. I don't focus on the fact I can't do it anymore. Instead, I search for things I am good at.

What about you? Don’t tell me there is nothing positive about you. There is. I guarantee it. Maybe someone said something mean to you, so you’re not feeling it. Or, maybe you did something wrong. Yep. That happens, too, but you still have value. You still have many positives to call your own.

We can also give ourselves positive pep talks. According to marketing guru, Bobby Macey, there are 13 things we should tell ourselves everyday. They are:

Today is going to be a great day. I am thankful for life. I can make a difference. My past does not define me. People do change. Things aren’t always as they appear. I am doing my best. I am strong. I am capable of reaching my goals. Others don’t define who I am. I don’t have all the information. I am loved. Life goes on (3).

When you're done giving yourself positive-vibes, share it with others. They're feeling the negativity and judgement too. Compliment them. Smile. Help in some way. Take time to listen. Let them know they have value. They may not show appreciation. Don't worry. You know you did a good thing. That should fuel more positivity inside you.

Thanks for reading! Pass along the positivity and watch my latest YouTube - Accept Yourself.




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