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Smile for a While Bundles

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

There's nothing special about what we do, we simply do what we can. Smile for Awhile Bundles

One call, that's all!

Says a lawyer on television. One call. How about one person, that's all??

Meet Haddie Cantrall. She suffers from the effects of Lymes Disease. Some days she can barely get out of bed. Other days it's hard to stand or to even think. Despite this, she decided to start an organization that brightens the day for people with cancer, mental health issues, dementia, or other forms of suffering.

She says on her website (

When I first decided to start Smile for a While Bundles, it was simply out of raw desperation to do something - anything. It didn't feel noble or even inspiring - it honestly just felt stupid. I live every day with chronic illness, and I can tell you a care package from a stranger is only a small morsel of light compared to a mountain of pain... I know what we're doing is not enough - it will never be enough. Each of us is responsible for the lives we choose to save, or the ones we choose not to. Even now my health is worse than it's ever been, and I'm behind on every I project I have started. I keep thinking, "If I was healthy, I could do more." But I can't focus on that. . .

I had the opportunity to interview Haddie. Listen to it here at: YouTube.

In the interview she discusses her illness, Smile for a While Bundles, and making a positive change in this world. There have been lots of happy recipients of her bundles.

Recipient of Smile for Awhile Bundles.

Sadly, some of the children have passed away. Others are unable to get proper medical care. Haddie, however, continues her mission and inspiring others.

For me, I'm inspired because Haddie is chronically ill but still reaches out to others. Honestely, even if I have a tiny headache, I focus on myself, not others. How about you?

Haddie also inspired me to re-look at the whole idea of kindness. Lots of schools have Kindness campaigns or Anti-Bully campaigns. What does kindness really look like? What are actual concrete ways to express kindness?

I've written about this numerous times. Now it's your opportunity to tell me what you think kindness looks like. What is a true friend? Email me at: Check with your parents first. Then if I like it, you might be featured in next month's blog!

It takes courage to be kind. Let's face it, who wants the "strange" kid to sit with him/her? Who wants the school bully to notice your kindness and start picking on you? It's so much easier to stare at our phones and not make eye contact. But what if you're the strange person? Would you want everyone to ignore you?

Kindness also takes time. I'm busy, busy, busy. When someone calls me or stops me while I'm heading somewhere, I'm not the most welcoming. I have things to do - not stand and talk to people. Yet, if the person was a celebrity, I would find time! Haddie, I am going to try to slow down and be there for others. How about you, the reader? Are you going to take time to spend with your parents, grandparents, classmates, the old lady down the street? Could you take some time to make a card for someone in the nursing home?

Haddie getting an IV treatment. Sister, Lizzy, is next to her.

Thank you, Haddie, for your lesson in kindness and true generosity.

To my readers, I encourage you to learn more about Smiles for a While Bundles. Let the story inspire you like it did me. Maybe you'll want to volunteer to make up packages or give a donation. Maybe it'll help you learn to be more kind and aware of others. Maybe you'll start your own charitable organization. If you do, let me know. I'd love to interview you on my YouTube channel and write about you on my blog.

Thank you for reading. Please share and get the message of Smile for a While Bundles out to everybody!

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