The Knights Meet Isasnora

Isasnora's snoring is keeping the royal household awake. The knights are sent out to discover the source of all the racket. When they arrive at Isasnora's cottage, they are mesmerized by the infant's beauty and forget all about their mission!

Dear Readers,

Here's this week's YouTube link to Isasnora Snores!

Four great men volunteered to play the parts of the knights, and I chuckled each time I listened to them. Thank you goes out to - Ted Ehlen, who played Sir Ganith, Steve Hay, who played Sir Tearwith, Ray Hendersen, who played Sir Merrimirth, and Dan Gavin, who played Sir Hybroth. Of course, thank you also to Kayleigh Kitzman for her lovely Lady Mirella, James Salimas for Sir Callum, and Elizabeth Paur as our narrator.

May I ask a favor? With all YouTube videos, there are three ingredients for success - Like, Share, and Subscribe. Would you please go to YouTube and Like, Share, and Subscribe? I think the videos are entertaining and should brighten up anyone's day.


In a previous blog I had mentioned taking an art class with Gale Courses through our local library. Chad Walker, our instructor, said something that perhaps artists already know, but changed how I viewed drawing a scene. He told us a story before showing us how to draw a scene. A STORY?


"It's a breezy December morning; the rays from the sun have just begun to touch the ground and glisten through the trees. The sway and ruffles can be heard from the nearby forest as a buck goes hopping by. Fresh snow from the night before cracks under his feet as a white puff of frozen air rises upward. Another cold winter is upon us." Chad Walker

He said we could interpret it how we wish, but the story provided a framework. Before this illuminating information, I often looked at a blank sheet of paper and asked myself what I should draw. Usually it ended up being flowers or clowns because I can sort of draw them. I learned in this lesson, however, that the artist is telling a story. And I thought it was only writers who told stories...

For this week's blog, however, a landscape or city scene would not do. Instead I wanted images of knights to go with the YouTube episode of The Knights Meet Isasnora. I looked at the various stock photo web sites and could find nothing that fit what I had in my mind. My daughter, Monica (the one who set me on the Isasnora Snores pathway to publishing), told me to draw my own. Draw my own???

I began, and worked about an hour, then realized it was going to require much more than a few hours. The chain mail itself was full of intricate details. Also, I forgot to tell myself a story about these knights. Despite this, here's what I started with:

Chad Walker told us we will need to put in the time if we wish to learn the craft of drawing/painting. There are no shortcuts. Sounds a lot like writing. If I finish this and like the results, I'll share!

Are you taking any classes? Let me know if you're learning anything new or exciting at

Thank you for joining me. Have a fantastic day. Share a smile.


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