What's Behind the Blue Dragon's Name?

Updated: Jun 25

I suppose they wanted to kill me like everyone else. Being a dragon these days is rough. Thanks to St. George, no one likes us. Humple Dumple from Isasnora Snores

Last week I traveled several centuries past to visit King Lovel in the Forest Petiole. He agreed to a short interview, so I thought I'd return to see if Humple Dumple, the blue, fierce dragon friend of Isasnora, would agree to chat with me.

Unfortunately with time travel, you can't control what time of the day you arrive in the different century. It was midnight. When I knocked on Humple Dumple's cave door, I had awakened him. After nearly incinerating me, he finally agreed to an interview, but refused to have his picture taken. I wanted you, however, to get an idea of what he looks like, so found an image on Pixabay that does not reveal his magnificence, but surely gives you an impression of his personality. Since Humple Dumple refused to let me take his picture, I refused to let him see the image that I'm using. He may not appreciate the image I selected.

Me: Last week I asked King Lovel this same question. What was your first impression of Isasnora?

Humple Dumple: Imagine a thousand monsters with drums and gongs marching outside your door.

Me: You must be exaggerating.

Humple Dumple: Were you there?

Me: There has been a lot of talk in the news these days about your name. Could you explain why your parents chose Humple Dumple? Did it belong to one of your descendants?

Humple Dumple: What is the significance of your question? Why don't you ask me something more important, such as what is my favorite food or favorite game?

Me: In the book, Isasnora Snores, you were afraid to tell Isasnora your name. I think this is a valid question.

Humple Dumple: I'm a dragon, not a fairy princess.

Me: I think I heard that phrase before.

Humple Dumple: Could we get onto a more exciting topic, such as how I saved the Kingdom Calelind from the awful King Golith?

Me: I thought the story ended differently.

Humple Dumple: Leave it to you to take Isasnora's side. Are we done here? Dragons need their beauty sleep!

Me: What's it like being able to fly?

Humple Dumple: It's great if you don't have the king's knights shooting arrows at you. I must thank Isasnora for one thing - she convinced King Frederick the Fifteenth to let me fly around without being attacked. However, I think King Frederick the Fifteenth's decision had more to do with his son, Prince Hubert, than with me.

Me: Prince Hubert?

Humple Dumple: The king's son. He's infatuated with Isasnora.

Me: You sound jealous.

Humple Dumple: There's not a jealous scale on my body. Good night.


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